The Victims of the Minotaur were people from Athens who were chosen to be sacrifices to King Minos as retribution for the murder of his son Androgeos. Every month, seven female virginals and seven male virginals were sacrificed to the Minotaur. The victims were drawn by lots, were required to go unarmed, and would end up either being consumed by the Minotaur or getting lost and perishing in the Labyrinth, the maze-like structure where the Minotaur was kept. Those who were found wandering the Labyrinth were enslaved for the rest of their lives.

The offerings were to take place every seven years and actually lasted until Theseus volunteered to join the third group of the would-be victims, killed the monster and led his companions safely out of the Labyrinth.

The whole group settled at Delphi but soon came to be unable to sustain themselves so they proceeded to move first to Iapygia in Italy and then to Bottiaea in Thrace.

Moreover, when, generations later, the Cretans sent an offering of their firstborn to Delphi in fulfillment of an oath, descendants of these Athenians happened to be among those sent.

Known victims

Young men:

First sacrifices

  1. Hippophorbas, son of Alypus
  2. Idas, son of Arcas
  3. Antimachus, son of Euander
  4. Menestheus of Sounion
  5. Amphidocus of Rhamnous
  6. Demoleon, son of Cydas
  7. Porphyrion, son of Celeus

Second sacrifices

  1. Phaedimus
  2. Daedochus
  3. Eurysthenes
  4. Euxistratus
  5. Antiochus
  6. Hernipus
  7. Procritus

Third sacrifices

  1. Phaenippus
  2. Astydamas
  3. Callicrates
  4. Darontes
  5. Procritus
  6. Triagonus
  7. Archereus

Young Maidens:

First sacrifices

  1. Medippe, daughter of Pylius
  2. Hesione, daughter of Celeus
  3. Andromache, daughter of Eurymedon
  4. Eurymedusa, daughter of Polyxenus
  5. Europe, daughter of Laodicus
  6. Melite, daughter of Tricorythus

Second sacrifices

  1. Hippodameia
  2. Menestho
  3. Coronis
  4. Damasistrate
  5. Asteria
  6. Lysidice
  7. Eriboea

Third sacrifices

  1. Euanthe
  2. Anthylla
  3. Empedo
  4. Eutilus
  5. Eunice
  6. Periboea, daughter of Alcathous. She was chosen dispite the fact that she wasn't a virginal, and the Cretans were probably unaware.
  7. Demodice

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