Selene was the former Titaness of the Moon, or simply the moon as she was the moon personified into a divine being (the same goes for Helios and the sun).


Selene was different from Artemis, who replaced her, as Selene did have a few lovers, both mortal and divine alike, while Artemis shunned the company of men. One day while pulling the moon across the sky, she spotted the shepherd/prince Endymion and fell in love. She put him into eternal sleep so he may never grow old or die, and together they had fifty daughters (and according to some also a son, Narcissus). The daughters ruled over each month that separates the Olympic games, since they happen every fifty months. She bore Zeus three daughters, Pandeia (goddess of brightness/sun), Ersa (goddess of the all-nourishing dew) and Nemeia. Some stories also state she was the mother of the Nemean Lion with Zeus.

She also had an encounter with the great nature god Pan, who deceived her by wrapping himself in sheepskin and offered her a ride on his back. While they were airborne, he attacked her.




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