Oenopion was a legendary king of Chios, and was said to have brought winemaking to the island, which was assigned to him by Rhadamanthys.


Oenopion was the son of the Cretan princess Ariadne and Dionysus, the god of wine. He was born on the island of Lemnos. 

The most well known story of Oenopion is the one that deals with him receiving the great hunter Orion as a guest, with Orion's subsequent attempt to violate his daughter. Orion walked to Chios over the Aegean Sea, and Oenopion welcomed him with a banquet; Orion got drunk and assaulted Merope. In revenge, Oenopion stabbed out Orion's eyes, and then threw him off the island. The god Hephaestus, took pity on the blind Orion and gave him his servant Cedalion as a guide. Cedalion guided him east, where the rising sun restored Orion's sight. Orion then decided to kill Oenopion, but the Chians, with the help of Hephaestus, had built the king an underground fortress, and Orion couldn't find him. Orion then went to Crete, and later met the goddess Artemis.

Oenopion had several children by the nymph Helice: one daughter, Merope, and several sons: Melas , Talus, Maron, Euanthes, Salagus, Athamas. He along with his family saled from Crete to Chios.




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