Nyctimus was a son of Lycaon and a prince of Arcadia. He was one of Lycaon's only surviving sons after he was punished by Zeus for his crimes.


Nyctimus was one of the fifty sons of the Arcadian king Lycaon. His role in the death of Lycaon varies from source to source. One version tells that he was killed and served up as part of a feast to Zeus; and was later brought back to life. Another story claims that he was the only son of Lycaon to survive the wrath of Zeus as a result of the interference of Gaia. In both versions, Nyctimus succeeds his father as king of Arcadia. His rule was short lived, however, due to floods in the age of Deucalion, which some speculate was caused by the impiety of his brothers.


Nyctimus was tall with dark hair.



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