Metion was a mortal man and a lover of the goddess Athena. He had three sons by her: DaedalusEupalamus and Sicyon.


Metion was a small inventor and genius from Athens, and gained the attention of the goddess Athena while he was on his own. They soon fell in love and their union conceived three sons, the first being Daedalus, then later Eupalamus and Sicyon. When Minos sent his army to Athens to punish them for the killing of his son Androgeus, Minos died, and Daedalus was taken to Crete, offering the king his services in exchange for sparing his brothers and the Athenians. All of his sons would be inventors, especially Daedalus, who would design and build the labyrinth, which would house the Minotaur that fed on the flesh of many young Athenians, until it was killed by Theseus.




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