Parents Ares and Otrera
Immortal children


Mortal children

None known

Wife/husband None
Consorts/lovers Unknown
Titles Daughter of Ares, Queen of the Amazons
Weapons Sword, spear

Hippolyta was a demigod and one of the daughters of Ares and Otrera. She was a Queen of the Amazons.


She had her golden belt stolen by Heracles as his ninth Labor. When Heracles landed, Hippolyta received him warmly, and upon hearing his request to take her belt, she agreed to give it to him. Hera, however, was not pleased and came down from Olympus, disgusted as one of the Amazons, crying that Heracles wanted to kidnap their queen. The Amazons then charged toward the ship to save Hippolyta. Since Heracles feared she betrayed him, he killed Hippolyta, took her belt, and set off escaping the raging Amazons.



Hippolyta would have been a strong willed leader of her tribe


As Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta supposedly had considerable skill in combat.

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