The Heracleidae were the children and descendants of the legendary hero Heracles, a son of Zeus.

Known Heracleidae and family trees

Children of Heracles by Megara

  • Therimachus. Killed by Heracles along with his brother and mother when he was cursed with madness by Hera.
  • Deicoon: Killed by Heracles along with his brother and mother when he was cursed with madness by Hera.

By Deianira

by Hebe

by Astydameia

By Astyoche, daughter of Phylas

By Auge

By Dynaste

By Iphinoe, daughter of Antaeus

By Baletia, daughter of Baletus

  • Brettus

By Barge

By Bolbe

By Celtine

  • Celtus

By Chalciope

  • Thessalus

By Chania, nymph

  • Gelon

The Scythian dracaena

  • Agathyrsus
  • Gelonus
  • Skythes

By Epicaste

  • Thestalus

By Lavinia, daughter of Evander

  • Pallas

By Malis, a slave of Omphale

  • Acelus

By Meda

  • Antiochus

By Melite, a naiad

  • Hyllus

By Myrto

  • Eucleia

By Palantho of Hyperborea

  • Latinus

By Parthenope, daughter of Stymphalus

By Phialo

  • Aechmagoras

By Psophis

By Pyrene, daughter of King Bebrycius

By Rhea, an Italian priestess

By Thebe, daughter of Adramys

By Tinge, wife of Antaeus

Unnamed Celtic woman

Unnamed slave of Omphale

By Syleiana

Unknown consorts

The 50 daughters of Thespius

  1. Leucones (By Aeschreis)
  2. Antiades (By Aglaia)
  3. Herclaus (By Anthea)
  4. Hippodromus (By Anthippe)
  5. Alopius (By Antiope)
  6. Cleolaus (By Argele)
  7. Mentor (By Asopis)
  8. Astybies (By Calametis)
  9. Iobes (By Certhe)
  10. Onesippus (By Chryseis)
  11. Eurycapys (By Clytippe)
  12. Buleus (By Elachia)
  13. Amestrius (By Eone)
  14. Astyanax (By Epilais)
  15. Dynastes (By Erato)
  16. Olympus (By Euboea)
  17. Eurypylus (By Eubote)
  18. Polylaus (By Eurybia)
  19. Teleutagoras (By Euryce)
  20. Archedicus (By Eurypyle)
  21. Leucippus (By Eurytele)
  22. Erythras (By Exole)
  23. Phalias (By Heliconis)
  24. Oestrobles (By Hesychia)
  25. Capylus (By Hippo)
  26. Hippozygus (By Hippocrate)
  27. Celeustanor (By Iphis)
  28. Antiphus (By Laothoe)
  29. Eumedes (By Lyse)
  30. Teles (By Lysidice)
  31. Erasippus (By Lysippe)
  32. Bucolus (By Marse)
  33. Laomedon (By Meline)
  34. Entelides (By Menippis)
  35. Nicodromus (By Nice)
  36. Antimachus (By Nicippe)
  37. Halocrates (By Olympusa)
  38. Laomenes (By Oria)
  39. Threpsippas (By Panope)
  40. Archemachus (By Patro)
  41. Tigasis (By Phyleis)
  42. Nephus (By Praxithea)
  43. Antileon and Hippeus (By Procris)
  44. Patroclus (By Pyrippe)
  45. Atromus (By Stratonice)
  46. Euryopes (By Terpsicrate)
  47. Lyncaeus (By Tiphyse)
  48. Lycurgus (By Toxicrate)
  49. Homolippus (By Xanthis)
  50. Creon (By an unnamed daughter)

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