Parents Zeus and Hera
Immortal children
Mortal children None known
Wife/husband Heracles
Names Cub-bearer of the Gods
Titles Goddess of youth and rejuvenation

Hebe was the goddess of youth and rejuvenation. She was a daughter of Zeus and Hera, king and queen of the gods and the wife of Heracles.


She was the former cup bearer for the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus, serving their nectar and ambrosia, until she was married to Heracles and her successor was the immortalised Trojan prince Ganymede. Her other tasks were drawing baths for Ares and helping Hera enter her chariot. Hebe had two children with Hercules: Alexiares and Anicetus.

Hebe was also the goddess of pardons or forgiveness; freed prisoners would hang their chains in the sacred grove of her sanctuary at Phlius.


Hebe is usually depicted wearing a sleeveless dress.



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