Parents Cronos and Rhea
Immortal children
Mortal children
Wife/husband None
Titles Goddess of the harvest, fertility, the seasons and agriculture

Demeter was lady of the harvest and the goddess of agriculture.


Demeter was swallowed upon her birth by her father Kronos along with Hestia, Hades, Poseidon, and Hera, who were later saved by Zeus in order to help defeat the Titans. After the war, both Zeus and Poseidon tried to marry her, but Demeter instead devoted herself to her duties as the goddess of the harvest. Though Zeus was married to Hera, Demeter had a relationship with him that resulted in a daughter, Persephone. Though the affair ended, Demeter was very happy as she had a beautiful daughter all to herself. Persephone grew up without want, always staying close to her mother and sharing some of her power over the earth.

Demeter is most notable for the abduction of Persephone by Hades. One day while Hades was outside of the Underworld, he saw Persephone picking flowers and fell in love with her instantly. Hades confided this secret to his brother Zeus, where the two then began devising a plan where they would trap her. One day while Persephone was playing with her companions, the earth beneath her split open. When she slipped beneath the earth, Hades took her and made Persephone his wife.

Demeter came to find her beloved daughter missing and began an epic tale of searching for the young goddess, even said to have told the earth to not reproduce until the girl was returned to her. Helios, the sun god who saw everything, eventually told her of what happened. Zeus, seeing the hunger and anguish of the mortals eventually forced Hades to return Persephone.

Hades complied with his brother's wish, but before Persephone was taken back up by Hermes, the only god who can go freely between the underworld, was given a Pomegranate. Since she ate six of the seeds, she has to stay within the Underworld for six months out of the year, since the Fates decreed that anyone who ate or drank in the Underworld must live there for all eternity. She also presided over the foremost of the Mystery Cults which promised its initiates the path to a blessed afterlife.





  • Amphictyonis: From Anthela


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