Centaurs were creatures with the torso and head of a man and the body of a horse.


Centaurs are descendants of Centaurus, the child of Ixion and Nephele. 

Centaurs are best known for their fight with the Lapiths - a civilized, Thessalian tribe, caused by their attempt to carry off Hippodamia and the rest of the Lapith women on the day of her marriage to Pirithous, king of the Lapiths and son of Ixion. This fight came to be known as the Centauromachy. 

Centaurs were notorious for being overly indulgent drinkers and carousers, given to violence when intoxicated, and generally uncultured delinquents. Each Centaur was also wild and lusty, except for the most well-known centaur, Chiron. True centaurs were born of sun and raincloud, until the female centaurs (called Centaurides) came from some normal horses, and centaurs started out like normal creatures, from conceived from baby to adult. Chiron was another exception. He was born from Cronos and the nymph Philyra. He was half-horse because Cronos was half-horse when he was with Philyra.

Known Centaurs

Centaurides were female centaurs

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