Parents Zeus and Leto
Immortal children None
Mortal children None
Wife/husband None
Status Immortal
Titles Goddess of the hunt, the wild, archery, chastity, childbirth, the moon, maidenhood.
Weapons Bow and arrows
Allies Olympians
Enemies Titans

Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, the wild, virginity and maidens. she was called "stag killer" and the Patron of childbirth.


Artemis was the first born child of Zeus and Leto. Her mother was forbidden by a jealous Hera, to give birth anywhere on earth or anywhere the sun shines, but the floating island of Delos was an exception. Immediately after her birth, Artemis helped her mother deliver Apollo which is why she is sometimes called a goddess of childbirth, even though she is a virgin goddess.

When she was three years old, Artemis asked her father to grant her a wish. She desired (among other things) a silver bow and to be called many different names. She held a passion for hunting and wanted to roam the wilderness forever. As Artemis was Zeus' favorite daughter and he held a special pride for her, Zeus granted her wish. He also took a vow on the River Styx that he would never force her to marry or have children.

Artemis would only come close to forswearing her vow of chastity once: when she met a talented huntsman named Orion. After traveling throughout Greece, the young demigod settled on the island of Delos where he became a favorite of Leto and eventually gained the trust of Artemis as well. Orion became a frequent hunting companion of the goddess, spending much of his time in her company. The pair grew closer and closer to each other until the huntsman was considered to be the most loyal and valued of her attendants. However, Apollo quickly recognized Orion's feelings for his sister and knew that Artemis was beginning to return them as well. Consumed by a jealous rage, he sent a giant scorpion to attack the hunter and then tricked Artemis into shooting him when he fled into the sea. Anguished and distraught over what she had done, a heartbroken Artemis transformed her beloved partner into a constellation to honor his memory.   

Many stories were told of Artemis defending her virginity from others, including the giant Otus, who had tried to seize her for his wife. Others such as Actaeon were punished for accidentally seeing her nude. Many of Artemis' myths placed her in the role of an avenger, causing quick deaths to her victims with her silver arrows.



Artemis possesses a deep regard for maidens. She has a great understanding of mortals like Hermes, the god of travellers. she never let love consume her, and her only lover was Orion, the great hunter. Artemis is shown to be an independent goddess who prefers the company of her handmaidens to even that of other gods. She loved hunting and the sport of chasing prey.