Parents Apollo and Aphrodite
Immortal children


Mortal children Unknown
Wife/husband None
Names Lord of the Eclipse
Titles God of the honesty and potential
Allies Olympians
Enemies Titans

Apophroditus is the god of the Eclipse and also the god of compassion, honesty and potential. He is the son of Apollo and Aphrodite.


Apophroditus was the son of Apollo and Aphrodite. He was taken from Olympus by aphrodite and given to and raised by Phaino, one of the Oceanids. He was captured by the gods Phobos and Deimos and thrown into the river Lethe, taking away all his memories. wandering for years in Greece, he came upon an argument between Apollo and Artemis. After trying to stop the conflict, he was shot by the twin archers. When Apollo discovered he was his son, he took Apophroditus to Olympus. Hera and Aphrodite helped him reclaim his memories. He became god of the Eclipse, appearing whenever Apollo and Artemis came into conflict with each other.


As the son of Aphrodite and Apollo, Apophroditus was one of the most beautiful gods.


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