Antiope was an Amazon and the daughter of Otrera and Ares, the god of war.


Antiope was the daughter of the Amazon Queen Otrera and the god of war, Ares. She had three sisters: Melanippe, Hippolyta and Penthesilea. She was known as the only Amazon to have married.

During the ninth labor of Heracles, which was to obtain the Girdle of her sister Hippolyta. When he landed on Themiscyra, Antiope saw Theseus, the king of Athens. Either Antiope was abducted by Theseus (or Heracles), or she fell in love with Theseus and betrayed the Amazons of her own free will. They were eventually married and she gave birth to a son, Hippolytus, who was named after Antiope's sister. Soon after, the Amazons attacked Athens in an attempt to rescue Antiope and to take back Hippolyte's girdle; however, in a battle near the hill of Ares they were defeated. During this conflict, known as the Attic War, Antiope was accidentally shot dead by an Amazon named Molpadia, who, in her turn, was then killed by Theseus. Tombs of both Antiope and Molpadia were shown in Athens.




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