Agenor was a Trojan who commited the first kill of the Trojan War.


Agenor was the son of Antenor and Theano, was a Trojan soldier in the Iliad of Homer. He was responsible for the first kill of the Trojan War, when he killed Elephenor, one of the Euboean leaders. He was one of their leaders in the attack upon the fortifications of the Greeks. Later on, during the Trojan assault on the Achaean ships, he helped to heal a battle wound inflicted upon Helenus.

When Achilles was routing the entire Trojan army, Agenor was the first Trojan to collect his wits and stop fleeing from Achilles' rampage. Agenor felt ashamed that he was fleeing from a man who was supposedly just as mortal as anyone so he turned to face Achilles. As the Greek hero approached Agenor the latter threw his spear at him, but only hit Achilles' greaves. After that Achilles sprang at Agenor, but at that moment Apollo carried the Trojan away in a veil of mist to keep Achilles from pursuing him, while Apollo took the form of Agenor to lead Achilles away from the Trojans. This act allowed all the Trojans (except for Hector) to take cover behind the walls of Troy.

Agenor was killed by Achilles' son Neoptolemus when the Achaeans were storming Troy through the Trojan Horse ruse.




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